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①正式名称関西外語専門学校 国際高等課程
②略  称KIHS 通称は「関西インターナショナルハイスクール」
③設 置 者学校法人天王寺学館
④認  可大阪府認可校
⑤創  立1989年(平成元年)
⑥学  科国際教養学科
⑧学 び 方全日制
⑩資  格専修学校高等課程卒業 及び 大学入学資格(文部科学省より)
⑪併 修 校科学技術学園高校との併修制度(高卒資格取得のため)



1)関西外語専門学校 専門課程  ⇒ 英語ビジネス・通訳翻訳など

2)関西外語専門学校 日本語課程(留学生センター)⇒留学生が日本語の習得

3)関西外語専門学校 国際高等課程 ⇒ 本校のこと

4)関西外語専門学校 一般課程 ⇒ 天王寺予備校のこと


KIHS School Overview

This is an explanation of Kansai International High School.

Kansai International High School
①Official NameKansai College of Business and Languages, Upper Secondary School
②Abbreviated NameK.I.H.S. for Kansai International High School
④ApprovalOsaka Prefecture accredited school
⑥DepartmentInternational Liberal Arts Department
⑦Educational GoalTo gain practical English skills and play an active role in the international society in addition to nurture real world citizens.
⑧Learning MethodFull-time
⑨Graduation FormBy grade (three-year senior high school)
⑩CertificationHigh school diploma in English-speaking countries and university entrance qualification by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan
⑪Joint Schoolkagakugizyutsu-Gakuen High School(This is for students to attain a high school diploma.)

【For reference】

Kansai College of Business and Languages, to which K.I.H.S. belongs to, has four departments

  1. Kansai College of Business and Languages Specialized Course
    → English business and translation are taught here.
  2. Kansai College of Business and Languages, Department of Japanese Studies (Study Abroad Student Center)
    → Non-Japanese students gain Japanese skills here.
  3. Kansai College of Business and Languages, Upper Secondary School
    → This refers to our school.
  4. Kansai College of Business and Languages, General Course
    → This refers to the Tennoji Preparatory School.
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